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Understanding The 12 Chakras And How To Activate Them

    We might be aware that our world is surrounded and influenced by energies, but just how much do we know about activating the energy points within us?

    For the sake of the newcomers, the energy points I’m talking about are commonly referred to as chakras. Chakras are the channels through which the life force that dwells inside every living being flows. You might have seen them illustrated on the walls of yoga studios as colorful symbols running down the length of the human spine.

    While that’s a pretty simple way of explaining them, the chakras have serious implications in the real world. You see, they are a part of the subtle body, that part which is neither solely spiritual nor solely physical. They are invisible energies we can’t see, but how you harness them, or not, can largely affect how you manifest your being on a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental level.

    What Are The Chakras In Order?

    Originating in Hinduism and Tantra traditions, the chakras have been harnessed in different systems by ancient and modern yogis alike. While newer systems have sprung up in recent times, the most popular system is that of the 7 major chakras.

    Understanding the 7 major chakras is important to knowing how the 12 chakra system works. The 7 major chakras run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They include:

    • The root chakra at the base of the spine.
    • The sacral chakra at the lower belly, close to the sexual organs.
    • The solar plexus chakra just above the belly button.
    • The heart chakra at the center of the chest.
    • The throat chakra at the center of the throat.
    • The third eye chakra between the eyebrows.
    • The crown chakra at the top of the head.

    Each chakra is represented by a different color, symbol, and element. On a deeper level, they are responsible for certain energy vibrations and govern the ways we manifest our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

    There’s so much chaotic energy in the world these days, with many beings plagued by past trauma, stress, and self-destructive habits. These problems block the chakras and cause an imbalance of energies, which could then lead to adverse health and negative manifestations.

    Activating the chakra systems will open up the energies and cause them to flow freely. This leads to balance, self-assuredness, deeper joy, inner peace, and fulfillment on all levels.

    What Is The 12 Chakra System?

    The 12 chakra system is a relatively modern system that is practiced by contemporary yogis and healers. It consists of the 7 major chakras found within the subtle body and 5 additional chakras that are outside of the body. These additional chakras exist to heighten our connections to the spiritual realm.

    Due to it being a new practice, there isn’t a full or generally accepted understanding of how the chakras align, but one of the most common interpretations has the energy points being 13 in number. The first chakra in this system (known as the earth star chakra), however, is labeled chakra 0. The system is represented as follows:

    1. Earth Star Chakra
    2. Root Chakra
    3. Sacral Chakra
    4. Solar Plexus Chakra
    5. Heart Chakra
    6. Throat Chakra
    7. Third Eye Chakra
    8. Crown Chakra
    9. Soul Star Chakra
    10. Spirit Star Chakra
    11. Universal Chakra
    12. Galactic Chakra
    13. Divine Gateway Chakra

    What Do The 12 Chakras Mean?

    The alignment and interpretation of the 12 chakras might be confusing to some, seeing as there are several variations. For clarity, I’ll be explaining one of the most practiced systems, which is the 12 chakra system, with 6 additional chakras instead of 5.

    Chakra 0: Earth Star Chakra

    The earth star chakra, called Vasundhara in Sanskrit, is located beneath the feet. This is one of the 6 additional chakras, so it’s outside the body and is estimated to be about 6 – 18 inches below the feet.

    This energy point is the cord that connects your body to the earth and makes you one with the earth’s life force. It helps with maintaining a balanced, consistent lifestyle. Release this chakra to help you connect to nature and maintain your calm in a fast-paced environment. One way to do this is by walking bare-footed on natural earth and by being present and conscious of the activity.

    Chakra 1: Root Chakra

    Called Muladhara in Sanskrit, the root chakra is one of the 7 major chakras and is located at the base of the spine. Represented by the color red, it promotes safety and security.

    Release this chakra by spending more time in nature. This would clear the mind and calm the spirit, getting rid of negative energies such as anxiety and fear.

    Chakra 2: Sacral Chakra

    Another of the 7 major chakras, the sacral chakra is called Swadhisthana in Sanskrit. Positioned in the lower belly, close to the sexual organs, this chakra promotes emotional balance, sexuality, creativity, and pleasure. It is represented by the color orange.

    Since it is connected to the water element, one way to release this energy point is by spending time in or close to large natural water sources, such as an ocean, lake, or river.

    Chakra 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

    Known as Manipura in Sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra is located in the upper abdomen, below the ribs. Represented by the color yellow and connected to the fire element, it’s responsible for confidence, self-belief, and determination.

    Release this chakra by doing intense exercises to get closer to the heat element. The results are a boost in your confidence and an uplifted mood.

    Chakra 4: Heart Chakra

    Called Anahata in Sanskrit, the heart chakra is in the middle of the chest. Represented by the color green, it is responsible for the positive emotions of the heart, such as love, joy, gratitude, and forgiveness.

    Unlock this chakra by making a conscious effort to acknowledge and store your positive emotions.

    Chakra 5: Throat Chakra:

    Vishuddha, as it is called in Sanskrit, is in the center of the throat. Represented by the color blue, it governs communication and self-expression.

    Release this chakra to express yourself honestly and freely without fear. It can also help you be a good listener and stay true to your opinions. Saying affirmations loudly, singing, or practicing public speaking are different ways to unlock this energy point.

    Chakra 6: Third Eye Chakra

    Known as Ajna in Sanskrit, this energy point is located between the brows. This chakra is represented by the color indigo. It governs positive qualities of the mind such as intuition, clarity, and wisdom.

    Unlock this chakra by practicing meditation and visualization. This can help to stimulate your imagination and clear your mind.

    Chakra 7: Crown Chakra

    This chakra is known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, and it’s located just above the head. Represented by the color purple, it helps to connect to the spiritual realm and attain a higher level of consciousness.

    You can release this chakra by practicing meditation and reading spiritual texts.

    Chakra 8: Soul Star Chakra:

    The second outer body chakra in this order, it is called Sutara in Sanskrit and is located about 6 – 12 inches above the crown chakra. Functioning in the higher planes of the etheric body, this chakra channels divine energy to the chakra system below. It’s represented by the color fern green.

    Release this chakra to attain a higher level of peace and true purpose. Activating it can also enable you to uncover insights about your spiritual journey. Meditation and visualization are the best practices to channel this energy point.

    Chakra 9: Spirit Star Chakra

    This chakra is located above the soul chakra. It governs a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and is responsible for communicating with divine beings such as angels and guides.

    Represented by the color turquoise, this chakra lets you access the full extent of your soul’s abilities.

    Chakra 10: Universal Chakra

    Located above the spirit star chakra, the universal chakra connects to the universal being.

    Represented by the color pearl white, this chakra aligns your light being and physical being, leaving you in a state of complete harmony with the universe.

    Chakra 11: Galactic Chakra

    The galactic chakra manifests supernatural abilities like time travel, bi-location, and teleportation.

    Represented as a mixture of violet, gold, and silver, this chakra unlocks complete knowledge of the cosmos. The galactic chakra can be activated through guided meditation. Chant the mantra “Cha Numi Go Loa Sho” as you visualize a diamond crystal.

    Chakra 12: Divine Gateway Chakra

    As the last outer body chakra and the final point of the chakra ascension, the divine gateway chakra unlocks a total connection with the divine.

    Activating this chakra gives you encompassing spiritual knowledge, to the extent that you will be able to guide others towards achieving spiritual awakening and cosmic connection.

    What The 12 Chakra System Holds For You

    Understanding chakra systems might be confusing as there are several interpretations apart from the 7 chakras and the 12 chakra system. Some even say there are more than 100 chakras.

    As a mindfulness expert that has helped others on their meditation journey, I will advise you not to fret too much about the complexity. What’s most important is that you start your journey and stay fully committed. You can always check this blog for health, well-being, mindfulness, and meditation tips to set you on the right path.

    The 12 chakra system provides a path to higher spiritual enlightenment. By sticking to this path, you can get rid of negative worldly attachments, find your inner zen, and become an elevated being that inspires others around you.