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Who’s Behind Mother’s Guide Online?

Hey friends,

I’m Beth Sarrandon, a mindfulness teacher, writer, and mother of 3 awesome kids. I’m also the founder of Mother’s Guide Online.

As a mindfulness expert, I’ve helped the lives of many individuals, but some of my most impactful experiences have come through my own life. I can vividly recount how unprepared I was for the birth of my first child, Troy. I had almost no clue how absolutely overwhelming post-partum and motherhood could be.

This new phase in my life led me to renew my commitment to mindfulness and meditation on a deeper level. The results have been profound. Taking care of Troy and his sisters (Laurie and Alice), while juggling my other responsibilities, has been a breeze.

I created this blog to help moms be the best versions of themselves in a frantic world. I’ve been a caregiver and a qualified mindfulness coach for more than a decade. Drawing from that experience, I pour my knowledge into articles that deal with focus, meditation, awareness, stress reduction, mental health, and spiritual healing.

By helping you develop a more mindful approach to healing, I want to help you improve how you care for yourself while caring for others. Get in touch with me if you ever feel like you need to have a chat!